Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow and Sobering Thoughts

Since tomorrow's a snow day for me, tonight was the perfect time to catch up on some fashion news. I read 2 incredibly informative and interesting blog posts, one on Altamira about the a model's style and the press she receives and the impact of these factors on her bookings. I also read the "Behind the Scenes: The Product Specialist" post on Cathy Horyn's On the Runway blog. It is a very sobering account of the shift of American Fashion production from 7th Ave. to Asia as well as the de-emphasizeing (I might have just made up this word) of the technique of pattern and garment construction and quality of fit, and the emphasizing of a garment's marketability and sales. This post was eye opening and I encourage you to read it if you get the chance. For those of you who are more visually stimulated, look up to see 2 Givenchy Pre-Fall 2010 looks (from Style.com). It seems that we will soon be seeing a minimalist look from Tisci and I can't wait, everything that man does is genius. I will try to get some good snow pics for you tomorrow, but for now you'll have to be content to stare at this one from December!

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