Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP: The Fashion World Mourns the Loss of McQueen

It is a sad day for the fashion industry who mourns the loss of one of its most creative and avant guard designers, Alexander McQueen. According to the Associated Press, McQueen was found in his home today, dead at the age of 40. Tim Blanks's post on's Style File Blog claims that the designer took his own life.

McQueen's designs were always incredibly creative and innovative as well as sexy and impeccably well tailored. His last collection which featured the infamous "armadillo heels" was the talk of the fashion set, because of it's combination of conceptual clothing and technology. His shows were extravagant spectacles and were much anticipated during Paris Fashion Week. It is so sad that the world has lost such a singular voice in fashion. At least it had the chance to witness his talent for a time, how ever short it was. If you are unfamiliar with the genius of McQueen's collections click here.

Alexander McQueen's Last 5 Ready to Wear Collections: S/S 2010- S/S 2008
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Anonymous said...

caroline i was so sad to learn of his death. and he was so young and creative. he's really gonna be missed. ps do you have any advice for a junior in high school who wants to get into fashion and stuff like you? thanks!

Caroline said...

Sure. If you'd like to get into fashion, I'd advise reading as many fashion magazines and blogs as you can. Research designers and fashion news at, too. If you want to become a designer take illustration and sewing classes and request information from colleges with fashion programs. If you want to write for magazines, write fashion articles for your school newspaper. I bought the Teen Vogue Handbook and I think it is so helpful in answering questions about every facet of the fashion industry. You should definitely get it. Just develop your style and learn as much as you can.

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

yeah that's awesome. i just created a blog (gulp!) and i want to start blogging about my fashion interests and stuff. like you do. is that a good start?

Anonymous said...

hey ps how do i follow your blog?

Caroline said...

thats great. blogging is definitely a great way to get started. I think you can follow my blog by clicking the Follow link on the top left corner of the blog's page next to the search bar.