Friday, April 30, 2010

Can't get you out of my head

Last weekend, when I was imagining myself in outfits I don't own (is this kind of pathetic? I don't know), I thought it would be cool to pair a lace T-shirt with a pair of ripped shorts and gladiator sandals.  Since then all I can think of is whether or not this outfit will look as good on me as it does in my mind.  All of these items can be easily procured in one trip to the mall.  The only problem is which lace shirt should I buy, the floral one (pictured 1st) or the El Salvador style? Decisions, decisions-- you can help me out though, comment and tell me which one you like better.  Then I'll need to pick out some cool undergarments to wear with it.  These shorts are pretty cute; they have little sequins stitched into the rips  If I do actually get around to buying all this stuff, I post some pics and we'll see how it looks!  

PS. I think that this is a good song to kick off the weekend!

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