Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pure Gold

My usual 4-5 photo summary would not be enough to show off the genius of Nicolas Ghesquiere's Fall 2010 collection for Balenciaga.

The construction, the colors, those SHOES!! People have talked of the "modernization" of fashion, but I feel that some of the collections, such as Jil Sander, that many have been lauding as fashion for the fast paced lifestyle of today's woman, are cold and stern. This collection has transformed the mundane into the beauty of right now. The shapes are new, the colors are somewhat springy and evoke a happy mood, the shoes are unique but familiar. And those pieces with the words!!! I am dying for them. I love magazines and fonts so much, that I believe that these clothes really embody my feelings towards the print media (a future paperless society-let's not get too crazy). has compared Ghesquiere to an alchemist, but he has accomplished what the alchemists of yore could never do, he has turned the ordinary into pure gold.

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