Saturday, March 13, 2010

Winter's Cold is Too Much to Handle (Polar Pleasures)

Does the thought of another cold winter with record snowfall give you the chills? Are you tired of freezing your arse off while trying to look cute in thin tights or itchy wool/angora sweaters? Do you wish you didn't have to resort to wearing Uggs or leggings that could cause unsightly camel-toes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Karl Lagerfeld has provided you with a solution. Behold the Chanel furry bodysuit! This faux fur suit will keep you warm all winter long without the discomfort of the aforementioned items. Get a leg up on mother nature and purchase one when they hit stores in July. You can even get a matching one for your boyfriend!

But seriously, the Chanel show was great, as it prominently featured faux fur (yay!) in nearly every ensemble. If it wasn't on the clothes then it was on the shoes. There was also an abundance of knits, crafted with close-to-couture techniques. And of course, the set design and presentation were unique and memorable. Models walked through a Scandinavian iceberg as it melted around them. If there is another winter like the one we just experienced, we will definitely be prepared.

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